Economical, durable and tear resistant.
Strong adhesive closure and unique tamper-evident features of the wristbands makes it a one time use only product.

Wristbands are used widely in almost any industry from identification purposes to showing your support for a cause.

High customizable, and comes in various colours, shapes, sizes and features, Wristbands can be used for any requirement.

Advantis Engineering is a Wristband supplier that withstood its trusted quality for 13 years.  Our Wristbands conforms to the highest industry standards, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems.



Paper wristbands are affordable, durable, and secure. The specially formulated security adhesive assures maximum security in any environment. The paper-like material is comfortable and easy to wear. Perfect option for screening wristbands.


Vinyl wristbands are ideal for longer wear and personalized stamping. The bracelet is made of a soft, comfy vinyl and is sturdy due to its three-layer structure. With locking plastic snaps, the closing is fully secure.


All of our silicone bracelets are constructed entirely of silicone, ensuring that they will not readily break or rip. These are ideal for charity, cause-related, and fundraising events.


Unique. Trendy. Chic. Cloth wristbands are offered in two styles: sublimation and woven, and are ideal for multi-day use. They also come with either a one-time use or reusable closure.

medical (adult)

Plastic CDL Seal is a versatile pull-tight seal manufactured from Polypropylene material. The design features two separate locking mechanisms

medical (infant)

Plastic X Seal is a versatile smooth ribbon pull-tight seal manufactured from Polypropylene material. Ideal for small sealing apertured application.