Security Seals

There is no container or package that is too large or too small to be secured with an Advantis Engineering seal. With decades of supplying security seals island-wide, Advantis Engineering is the trusted name in the market for tamper-evident security seals. We have security seals for every need.

Our product offerings includes, plastic seals, meter seals, bolt seals, container seals, trailer seals, lead seals, and many more across a wide range of industries.

Advantis Engineering is a tamper-evident security seals supplier that withstood its trusted quality for 13 years.  Our seals conforms to the highest industry standards, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems.

Plastic Pull-Tight Seals

Grip Tight Seal

Plastic Griptight Seal is a heavy duty pull-tight plastic seal manufactured from two dissimilar materials. The acetyl insert is durable can withstand extreme temperature.

X Seal

Plastic X Seal is a versatile smooth ribbon pull-tight seal manufactured from Polypropylene material. Ideal for small sealing apertured application.

Combilock Seal

Plastic Combilock Seal is a versatile pull-tight seal manufactured from Polypropylene material. The design features a strong locking mechanism providing positive audible clicks

F Seal

Plastic F Seal is a low breaking strength pull-tight seal manufactured from Polypropylene material. Ideal for small sealing apertures application with low breaking strength.

Plastic Fixed-Length Seals

Bulldog Gen 2 Seal

Bulldog Gen2 Seal has all the same features as our original Bulldog Seal but unlike the original this product has an updated design with an easy tear off between each seal so there are no scrap pieces…

Smartlock Seal

Smartlock Plastic Fixed Length Seal is a fixed length seal manufactured from Polypropylene material. The design definitely will feature a strong single-point locking mechanism and an indicator that protrudes through a hole in the underside of the locking head when it is locked.

Barrier Seals

Bolt Seal

Bolt Seal is an ISO 17712:2013 (E) compliant high security bolt seal, designed for high value ISO container cargo shipments. The bolt seal is coated in plastic and locking bush which mould it as a unit. Our bolt seal can only be removed using bolt croppers.

CS1 Seal

CS1 Cable Seals is a cable seal where the lock body is manufactured from die-cast aluminum and the cable from non-preformed galvanized steel. The seal’s cable has a welded tip for ease of locking and when the cable is cut, it will unravel making it impossible to re-lock.

Meter Seals

Twister Seal

The Twister Seal is a two part Polycarbonate wire seal that offers an alternative to lead and plastic wire seals but has the added advantage that it can be applied without the use of a sealing tools.

Metal Seals

Metal T Seal

T Metal Seal is a fixed length metal seal manufactured in Tin plated steel. The T Metal Seal design features a unique double locking action and inspection holes in the lock box which enable the user to view the tips of in the lockbox to ensure the seal is lock properly. T Metal Seal is commonly used in tankers, refineries or containers. The Seal is suitable for use in temperature of -60 degree celcius to 320 degree celcius.